The last few days have been filled with homemaking activities, from baking and knitting to cleaning and rearranging.

Yesterday morning D. and I headed out in my dad’s truck. First stop was the dump to load up containers and bags full of free compost for the garden. Next we went out of town a bit to Pfennings Organic where we traded in a bunch of dusty yogurt and milk bottles and filled our bags with delicious organic goods (lots on sale, which was a bonus!). Finally, we went down to Generations Thrift Shop – our favourite!

Here’s a selection of our stash! Lots of glass containers, measuring cups, and other kitchen implements like a sifter and tiny whisk. My favourite item was a bright yellow (matches some cupboards) percolator that came with a car adapter and dashboard mount – gotta love the 60s! Once we get it mounted in the kitchen I’ll be sure to snap some pics. Another fantastic find was a flamingo plunger, and a bunch of blue bedding for K.’s room – her favourite colour! The glass baby bottles in the picture were on sale from Pfennings – we have awhile still, but they were on sale last time they were there as well, so we decided to go for it. We got our second baby gift on the weekend, so I guess we can start gathering more now!

We are pretty excited for our new housemates to move in tomorrow, as we’ve had so many people coming and going from the Digs over the last year. Expect many more blog posts on keeping a house of five organized and clean, something we’ve been slowly improving on over the last year, but still have plenty of room for growth. I have some busy days ahead while I finish school and level up in my new job, but I’m excited to document the goings-on around our household! For more info on what to expect, check out the About page.


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