It’s a beautiful night outside, following a hot and busy day. D. and I are sitting on the front porch, fireworks exploding one street over, me blogging while he plants flowers and assorted things. We did a pretty good job getting plants in, but since some seeds never sprouted, we’ve got space to use up. Some of the vegetables and grains we’re starting now are less for the fruit we might get at the end of the season, since it’s pretty late, but more to experiment and try something different from the first go (ie. corn apparently doesn’t transplant well, but we’d like to see for ourselves since a lot of ours still didn’t come up on the second planting, even with row covers to keep the squirrels out). 

Our bounty thus far has been somewhat small, as we’ve mostly just picked radishes, but we’ve also got plenty of chard, some beautiful blue-podded peas, onions and garlic ready. Today we spotted wee tomatoes and squashes, so I am looking forward to the firsts of each of those! We’ve also been able to harvest some herbs, including lots of chamomile and mint for teas. 

We spent awhile in the back plot today, going from this:

Weeding needed!

To this, with the help of a friend who risked heat stroke to learn about weeding and mulching:

Straw Mulch

It feels good to finally get moving on the weeding and mulching, which should have been done ages ago, but let’s just say I don’t have quite the energy I wish I had. Still doing pretty well though! Tomorrow I’ll tackle the front garden, as the melon patch is also quite a bit overgrown. 

Well, my battery’s dying so I should head inside, but I thought I’d end by letting my readers know what blog entries I have planned for the near future. I have a fairly long draft already about our efforts to go plastic-free (particularly in the kitchen). Some of the other topics on my mind are why I don’t mind paying more for some foods; keeping a house of five organized and clean (I finally printed off chore charts and a meal planner!); this year’s preserving efforts; and my take on the precautionary principle. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to blog about, please leave a comment! For instance, if you’ve seen D. or I do something in our house or around town and don’t know why but want to find out, or if you’re trying to make changes in your household but have hit roadblocks, let me know and perhaps I can help!


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