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Today was a relaxation day after a busy week. I woke up to sore feet after the Open House we hosted yesterday for family and friends who hadn’t seem our home yet, and a tired brain from hosting a workshop on Thursday on the Plastic-Free Home at the Environmental Justice Convergence, and moderating a panel […]

tomatoes galore


Ladies and gentlemen, I am sore and tired, but feeling accomplished.¬† Here’s what got done on Friday and Saturday! About 65 lbs of tomatoes skinned and chopped and poured into jars, according to the book I mentioned yesterday, Putting Food By. I was originally planning to make sauce and salsa but realized you can’t do […]

cool mornings


It was odd this morning to wake up and put on a sweater and socks and still feel a bit chilly in the kitchen as I plugged in the kettle and turned on the canning pot to get it to a boil. It’ll heat up quickly I’m sure though as I have another 25 lbs […]

on the inside


Our first melons came out of the garden this week. The watermelon had been split open and there were a few chew marks, but we got to it in time and it was delicious! I’ve never grown melons before so I’m not entirely sure when they’re supposed to be ready, or if this one needed […]

Last week’s post showed a shot of one of our more successful crops this year – Royal Burgundy Beans. It’s not that I’ve picked¬†that many beans, but they’re one of the few vegetables that have been surviving in our back plot thus far, so they’re a success to me! It’s also hard to judge how […]