Pickled delights


Last week’s post showed a shot of one of our more successful crops this year – Royal Burgundy Beans. It’s not that I’ve picked that many beans, but they’re one of the few vegetables that have been surviving in our back plot thus far, so they’re a success to me! It’s also hard to judge how a crop is doing when I know that the amount I’ve picked could have been a side dish for a meal for 2-3, but not for 5-6, which is what our house is usually cooking for. So, today I decided to take my handful of purple beans and pickle ’em! I also had many pounds of beets from Fertile Ground and our garden, and picked up some cucumbers from one of the few pesticide-free sellers at the St. Jacobs market, so I found some recipes and went at it (with the help of my mom)!

The pickles were based on a recipe from Food in Jars, which I also used for the dilly beans since I only had one jar of those. Substituted the spices for a pre-packed pickling mix from the market. Then a google search turned up a fairly simple recipe for pickled beets, which I followed fairly closely except for only having ground allspice and cinnamon. I’m actually not a big fan of pickled foods, though I love the concept, so I’ll have Dan test them out in a few weeks and do a report-back.

Also, here’s a list of what we’ve stocked up on so far (mix of pints and half-pints, except the occasional 1/4 pint and quart):
13 jars pickled asparagus from last summer
12 jars pickles
8 jars pickled beets
1 jar dilly beans
8 jars apple sauce (4 lg, 2 md, 2 small)
7 jars apple butter (one small)
2 jars strawberry jam
5 frozen med bags grated zucchini
2.5 frozen bags strawberries

And from previous roommates/D. putting things in the freezer without labels:
2 jars pickled garlic scapes
3 jars purple substances
2 jars relish-y substances
Assortment of frozen bags of spinach, bok Choy, hot peppers, chard and unidentifiables.

Here are some photos of today’s efforts!

Slicing beets

Beets packed into jars with pickling solution, until we realized that the jars were too tall for the pot. Looked lovely though!

Into the canning pot!

Pre-pickling. You can still see a bit of purple in the Royal Burgundy beans.

Finished product!

Next weekend we’ll be tackling peaches and plums, and the weekend after… tomatoes!


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  1. Ha ha. Three jars purple substances. Love that.

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