on the inside


Our first melons came out of the garden this week. The watermelon had been split open and there were a few chew marks, but we got to it in time and it was delicious! I’ve never grown melons before so I’m not entirely sure when they’re supposed to be ready, or if this one needed more time, but while it wasn’t as sweet as a juicy red melon, it was still pretty great!

The cantaloupe fell off in my hand as I was adjusting its placement, and I was surprised that it still tasted decent! It was certainly an exciting morning, and I look forward to trying out the one other watermelon variety in our melon patch. Image

This week we hosted a potluck for the United Radicals Football Club, and while making a salad one of the teammates cut open an heirloom tomato to find a beautiful pattern. One way it’s a tree, the other way it’s lungs, in my opinion. What do you see?


On the topic of insides, let me close this post by mentioning that it’s the time of night where my insides are going crazy with kicks. I think baby is doing somersaults or something, and certainly enjoys its papa singing to it. I assume that’s why baby keeps kicking D. in the face, anyway. True love.


2 Responses to “on the inside”

  1. 1 tyler

    wonderful! I love Duke St…so many adventures. Keep Digging Em & Dan!

  2. 2 Angela

    I think the tomato pattern looks like a placenta, which also looks like a tree!

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