cool mornings


It was odd this morning to wake up and put on a sweater and socks and still feel a bit chilly in the kitchen as I plugged in the kettle and turned on the canning pot to get it to a boil. It’ll heat up quickly I’m sure though as I have another 25 lbs of tomatoes to process this morning. Yes, another 25 lbs, since yesterday we got through the first 50.

This post, however, is about last weekend! The last two weeks I’ve driven out to Brookfront Farms in New Dundee to pick up the fruit they get from Palatine Fruit & Roses in Niagara Region. From 50 lbs of peaches (likely 40 by the time we got around to canning) and 25 lbs of plums, my mom and I managed to preserve:

12.5 quarts of canned peaches
3 large freezer bags of flash frozen peaches
16 1/4 pints of plum jam
6.5 quarts whole plums in syrup
2 quarts plum purée in ice cube blocks

My first reference when figuring out how to preserve something is the book Putting Food By, which my mom gave me. However, we don’t usually have much cane sugar in the house so I generally have to search the internet to find recipes that are more fitting. Luckily I found a delicious recipe for Maple-Vanilla Peaches, and was able to use the same syrup for canned plums as well. The plum jam was made with honey instead of sugar, following the instructions inside the Pomona’s Universal Pectin box.

Frozen PeachesPlum Jam in ProcessLabelled Frozen PeachesPlum Purée in ice cube trays


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