tomatoes galore


Ladies and gentlemen, I am sore and tired, but feeling accomplished. 

Here’s what got done on Friday and Saturday!


About 65 lbs of tomatoes skinned and chopped and poured into jars, according to the book I mentioned yesterday, Putting Food By. I was originally planning to make sauce and salsa but realized you can’t do much without a pressure canner so I kept it simple. However, I was really looking forward to doing something a bit more interesting than just putting tomatoes in a jar, so I took a look around Food In Jars and decided I couldn’t pass on Tomato Jam. I substituted the sugar for maple syrup of course, and it’s deliciously sweet and spicy at the same. But the recipe only made 3 pints, and we had a fridge full of produce so I decided to make a relish too! 

I didn’t even really count, but it was something like 7 cucumbers, 2 large zucchinis, 6 celery stalks, a green pepper, an onion, and a bulb of garlic, all thrown into the food processor and then into a pot. Then added mustard seed, maple syrup, salt, red pepper flakes and vinegar, and processed according to the easiest recipe I could find. I would have tried a different method but I was in a hurry to get to the bowling alley. It turned out fine though – I don’t even really like relish, but this stuff was quite tasty! 

Today’s plan was to get many things done, but instead I spent the afternoon in the kitchen sorting the spices. The spice rack is now in alphabetical order again, and rather than having several bags/containers of some spices, the secondary spice shelf is now much tidier as well. And then I used a bunch of those spices to make a very tasty curry with all of our garden’s green beans as the focal point. Delicious! 


One Response to “tomatoes galore”

  1. 1 Jeanette

    Wonderful ! Nikki and I have been cleaning and purging around the house and we have some canning jars we won’t use… we’ll get them to you so you can make use of them 🙂

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