on being a nesting pregnant woman


There are a lot of ups and downs these days. Mostly just to do with energy levels, though emotions play a part too. Somedays I come home from work absolutely exhausted and can’t even stand for 10 minutes to do dishes. Other days I get caught up in harvest season madness and I amaze myself at what I can accomplish. I think one reason why I haven’t been able to finish any blog posts recently is that I don’t have the energy to balance writing the how of urban homesteading, which might actually be useful to people, with the what – ie. just listing everything that happens in a day around the Digs. But just like how hearing my neighbours talk about how it’s getting cooler and it’s time to cut all the basil inspired me to get out in the garden today, hopefully even a short post like this will get wheels turning in some people’s heads.

Yesterday I attended the annual food swap at Little City Farm. I wish I had the energy to tell you all about it, but luckily Karin already published a post on it with fabulous photos, so I’ll just direct you there instead! Kudos to whoever can guess which four photos have my goods in them! Somehow after the food swap and a short gig with my band last night I still felt energized today to get through some parts of my fall to do list.

Today I picked almost all of the herbs that were left in the garden. I got four whole calendula blossoms (though I scattered a bunch of seeds so hopefully next year I’ll get more than two plants!), enough basil for two jars of pesto, and 6 bunches of mint – spearmint and chocolate – that are hanging to dry in the office. In between all that I also headed to a coffee shop to pick up some postpartum pads from a friend who makes them, made dinner, had a meet-up with our doula, saved some seeds from a super meaty tomato variety, and started the process of making a few loaves of bread. About an hour after my bed time I realized I could just put the dough in the fridge and wait until the morning to finish the second rise + baking, but I’ve been trying to blog for weeks so I am glad I am also getting a quick post written before bed. However, I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately while doing homesteady tasks, so instead I will just share a few photos from our recent babymoon near Bancroft.


One Response to “on being a nesting pregnant woman”

  1. 1 jess

    love it all! Excited about the doula! and the babymoon looks just delightful.
    Hope today is an energetic day for you! xoxo

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