happy one month birthday Dieuwke!


Dewi at two weeks old, skin still peeling (it happens after sitting in amniotic fluid for the full 42 weeks!)

It’s been one month since our dear daughter Dieuwke was born. And what a wonderful month it has been. She came into the world on the floor right in front of our bed (well, into the hands of midwives just above the floor), as seen in the picture below. This picture has 5/6 of our house family (not including our furry friends), plus one grandma/oma/omi/nanny, on the very day that Dewi was born. Though she was born at 1:38AM, so it’s almost like the day after her birth since we got to sleep in between. We are still keeping up our eco-friendly habits, whether it’s cloth pads for me, cloth diapers for Dewi, or simply not driving around with her in the car to get her to sleep. That’s what babywearing is for! ImageWe’re very grateful for all the support we’ve received, from the midwives and our doula who brought her into the world, to everyone who has supported us financially, emotionally and materially. We have more than enough clothing to keep her warm this winter (if we have a son next he’s going to be wearing a lot of pink though!).

Life is slowly getting back to “normal”, and hopefully more homesteading posts will come along soon!


One Response to “happy one month birthday Dieuwke!”

  1. 1 Anna Priemaza

    Wow, that month went so fast! Happy one month Dewi! I love you!

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