two months of love


The second month of Dewi’s life has slowed down considerably compared to the first month. We are starting to get into some routines, which will be even more necessary when I start a bit of work in January, though I’ve enjoyed having this winter holiday to relax a bit longer before life speeds up again. I’ve actually been waiting weeks to write this post, since there hasn’t been much else to commemorate in the last few weeks until Dewi turned two months old today!

I caved and got a fancy new phone even though my old one hadn’t quite bitten the dust yet. But now I’ll be able to take much better photos of the baby and skype with my sister more easily and blog more and on and on. The gluten-free chocolate cupcakes recipe gets a lot of hits, so I might try to start posting more recipes. I’m hoping to cut WAY back on sugar and yeast in the new year, which should be interesting since I already avoid

Sleeping in her swing

Sleeping in her swing

both of those to a pretty good degree. I also want to get back to a more vegetarian diet, by cutting out pork completely and trying to cook beans/lentils far more often. If anyone has any favourite recipes for bean &/or lentil dishes please let me know!

Some neighbours dropped off a swing for us after Dewi was born, and I moved it into the kitchen so I’d be able to start doing dishes and cooking again, and the small amount of battery power left sometimes kicks in and magically rocks her to sleep. She can now also sit in the swing or her car seat and just babble for up to an hour! It’s pretty amazing, watching her grow and change already! But I am certainly savouring these early days, just like everyone tells me to. Being a mom is pretty great, folks!

In closing, I recommend you learn a bit about Idle No More, if you’re not already in the know. This holiday season my house is trying to get through a 27-pound turkey, while Chief Theresa Spence is on a hunger strike until she can meet with Stephen Harper about her community of Attawapiskat.  I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a country where indigenous sovereignty is not recognized and the living environment is not valued, so hopefully things start to change across turtle island!



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