It’s getting hot!


Today’s title is punny! Here’s why:

1. It was 12 degrees today. It’s January. Dan planted garlic, since the last time weather was like this we had a teeny tiny baby and less energy than we do now.


2. Awhile ago I decided to finally chop the hot peppers we had been drying in the kitchen. I underestimated how hot they are, and had to stop since I was using my bare hands. The peppers sat on a cutting board in the kitchen for weeks – I had a very doubtful hope that someone else might take on the task since I was worried I might burn the babies eyes, but alas, they continued to sit. Tonight I realized that the new gloves I bought for the bathroom could be inaugurated with the pepper chopping task before being relegated to the bathroom.

In conclusion, my nostrils are burning (but my hands are not).

PS. Would anyone like to trade for some jam? I overestimated the Digs’ ability to eat large quantities of the stuff. I have grape jelly, apple butter, strawberry jam, nectarine jam (regular, curry and cayenne), tomato jam and plum jam. They come in a variety of sizes and are all no/low sugar (honey & maple syrup only).


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