onwards and upwards


I haven’t posted much in the last year. I got caught up with working… and it wasn’t so much that work itself took up too much time for me to blog, but as a web editor, mostly working with blog posts, I wasn’t inspired to do much of my own writing. And as D. got older I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drift towards “mommy blogging” or try to keep her out of it as much as possible. So, I stopped.

But now I’m leaving the aforementioned job, and while I might have less time available than before, I might be inspired to at least start posting recipes and projects again. I recently made a spreadsheet of all of our preserved and stockpiled food! But just in case I don’t start posting again, here are a few of the blogs I read that are basically doing the same things I am, but take better photos and/or write better! 🙂

The Local Kitchener – A stay-at-home dad in Waterloo Region posts his locally sourced meal plans and other neat food projects.

Northwest Edible Life – A mother in Cascadia who, you know, gardens and preserves and stuff. And writes really well.

Little City Farm – Our neighbours! 

Sweet Madeleine – More of a lifestyle blog, but with touches of green living, and quite humourous. Her daughter is just about the same age as D.

Casaubon’s Book – An environmentalist who has written several books about peak oil, living frugally and so on. Her blog has turned from not only being about environmental issues but also about fostering and adoption! (As of this month she has five kids!)

Offbeat Home – Not quite a blog, but I read just about everything this site puts out. Topics for everyone from all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to enjoy! 


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