The Duke St. Diggers were inspired by “The Diggers”, a group of English agrarian communists. You can learn about them from the song “World Turned Upside Down”. Us Diggers on Duke St. are privileged enough that we currently have access to our “own” land, which we are free to garden as we please, but we hope to find room throughout the community to grow food as well.

We are currently a family of four (two adults, one toddler and one wild dog), living with a rotating cast of characters that somehow all fit into our house. We are activists, students, artists, mothers, fathers, bakers, environmentalists, and, of course, diggers. This blog will document our movement away from excessive oil consumption, exploitation of workers, and capitalism, as we move towards self-sufficiency.

Some of the projects we are working on (and will blog about) are: making our house more energy efficient; raising our own source of protein either through rabbits, chickens or quails (depending on by-laws/availability); bio-intensive gardening; waste-free living, particularly plastic; DIY everything, from soapmaking to sewing to insulating your basement; having a happy and healthy organic pregnancy; keeping young’uns from infant to preteen occupied with non-screen activities; and healthy and open communication in a community house.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 lauramcd

    This blog makes me want a house. I’ve gone from “omg, I never want to own a house” to not freaking out that A’s looking at listings….eee.

  2. 2 kalin

    this is awesome! that’s all.

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