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The Inventory


I’ve been meaning to make an inventory of all of our preserved food so we know how often to open a new jar of pickles or how quickly we can go through our frozen fruit before feeling sad that there is no more. However, I lost my nesting urge pretty much right around my due […]

The workshop I gave at Hillside this summer was called “DIY in the WC”. Some great conversations were had about going plastic-free and homemade in the bathroom, but people were particularly excited to make toothpaste at the end of the workshop! It’s one of the simplest things you make at home if you’re interested in […]

There are a lot of ups and downs these days. Mostly just to do with energy levels, though emotions play a part too. Somedays I come home from work absolutely exhausted and can’t even stand for 10 minutes to do dishes. Other days I get caught up in harvest season madness and I amaze myself […]

Most of my preserving posts are likely not too helpful if any of my readers are just getting in to canning since I tend to just link to other peoples’ recipes and not talk too much about how I do it. But I thought I’d give you an idea of how I get things done, […]

Today was a relaxation day after a busy week. I woke up to sore feet after the Open House we hosted yesterday for family and friends who hadn’t seem our home yet, and a tired brain from hosting a workshop on Thursday on the Plastic-Free Home at the Environmental Justice Convergence, and moderating a panel […]

Last week’s post showed a shot of one of our more successful crops this year – Royal Burgundy Beans. It’s not that I’ve picked┬áthat many beans, but they’re one of the few vegetables that have been surviving in our back plot thus far, so they’re a success to me! It’s also hard to judge how […]



Once again I’m blogging from outside, as the house is a furnace. On the one hand I was extremely disappointed as the forecast for potential thundershowers changed to a clear night, but it meant we could sleep outside without worry so I’m hopeful that we can at least get a restful night’s sleep. Friday night […]