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Today was a relaxation day after a busy week. I woke up to sore feet after the Open House we hosted yesterday for family and friends who hadn’t seem our home yet, and a tired brain from hosting a workshop on Thursday on the Plastic-Free Home at the Environmental Justice Convergence, and moderating a panel […]



Once again I’m blogging from outside, as the house is a furnace. On the one hand I was extremely disappointed as the forecast for potential thundershowers changed to a clear night, but it meant we could sleep outside without worry so I’m hopeful that we can at least get a restful night’s sleep. Friday night […]



It’s a beautiful night outside, following a hot and busy day. D. and I are sitting on the front porch, fireworks exploding one street over, me blogging while he plants flowers and assorted things. We did a pretty good job getting plants in, but since some seeds never sprouted, we’ve got space to use up. […]



The last few days have been filled with homemaking activities, from baking and knitting to cleaning and rearranging. Yesterday morning D. and I headed out in my dad’s truck. First stop was the dump to load up containers and bags full of free compost for the garden. Next we went out of town a bit […]