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The second month of Dewi’s life has slowed down considerably compared to the first month. We are starting to get into some routines, which will be even more necessary when I start a bit of work in January, though I’ve enjoyed having this winter holiday to relax a bit longer before life speeds up again. […]

It’s been one month since our dear daughter Dieuwke was born. And what a wonderful month it has been. She came into the world on the floor right in front of our bed (well, into the hands of midwives just above the floor), as seen in the picture below. This picture has 5/6 of our […]

There are a lot of ups and downs these days. Mostly just to do with energy levels, though emotions play a part too. Somedays I come home from work absolutely exhausted and can’t even stand for 10 minutes to do dishes. Other days I get caught up in harvest season madness and I amaze myself […]