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Today’s title is punny! Here’s why: 1. It was 12 degrees today. It’s January. Dan planted garlic, since the last time weather was like this we had a teeny tiny baby and less energy than we do now. 2. Awhile ago I decided to finally chop the hot peppers we had been drying in the […]

The Inventory


I’ve been meaning to make an inventory of all of our preserved food so we know how often to open a new jar of pickles or how quickly we can go through our frozen fruit before feeling sad that there is no more. However, I lost my nesting urge pretty much right around my due […]

Most of my preserving posts are likely not too helpful if any of my readers are just getting in to canning since I tend to just link to other peoples’ recipes and not talk too much about how I do it. But I thought I’d give you an idea of how I get things done, […]

tomatoes galore


Ladies and gentlemen, I am sore and tired, but feeling accomplished.¬† Here’s what got done on Friday and Saturday! About 65 lbs of tomatoes skinned and chopped and poured into jars, according to the book I mentioned yesterday, Putting Food By. I was originally planning to make sauce and salsa but realized you can’t do […]

cool mornings


It was odd this morning to wake up and put on a sweater and socks and still feel a bit chilly in the kitchen as I plugged in the kettle and turned on the canning pot to get it to a boil. It’ll heat up quickly I’m sure though as I have another 25 lbs […]

Last week’s post showed a shot of one of our more successful crops this year – Royal Burgundy Beans. It’s not that I’ve picked¬†that many beans, but they’re one of the few vegetables that have been surviving in our back plot thus far, so they’re a success to me! It’s also hard to judge how […]



We’ve been busy these last few weeks at the Digs! I have some longer blog posts in the works, but here are a few photos for now. Chamomile from the garden, beside a sun tea of the last of 2011’s chamomile: Radishes, also fresh from the garden: The dogs, trying to keep cool in the […]